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The Twozone Refrigeration Compartment is the classic case of necessity being the mother of all invention. She wanted to keep the meat frozen and the salads, cheeses and sauces kept healthily chilled. He wanted the beer cold, not frozen but not too warm that it is undrinkable.

The initial answer was to buy multiple Fridge freezer units, which resulted in at least DOUBLE the AMP draw, not to mention the extra valuable floor space taken up. Then the esky (icebox) was purchased in an attempt to solve the storage problem, again the valuable floor space was a major issue as it is limited when traveling, let alone trying to keep enough ice in the esky to keep it working effectively.

After a couple of quiet ale’s in the back shed the TWOZONE refrigeration compartment was conceived. Then after using his Twozone for a year or so a friend spotted it and asked if he could have one, Well the rest as they say is history.

International Patents were applied for and granted.

Twozone Refrigeration Compartments are designed in Australia to ensure the best quality and to make sure that each one meets the requirements of the demanding Australian environment and climate.

The Twozone has now been designed to fit a number of leading portable Fridge/Freezers some of which have had over 40 years experience in what is regarded as the toughest conditions in the world.

Twozone Refrigerator Compartment not only increases the capacity of your Fridge/Freezer, but most importantly gives you the versatility of having two temperature zones. You can freeze in your Fridge/Freezer and refrigerate/chill in your Twozone or refrigerate in your Fridge/Freezer and Chill in your Twozone.

Twozone Refrigerator Compartments are virtually indestructible, that is why we offer a 5 year no questions asked warranty, and have insulation properties second to none.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TWOZONE PRODUCTS where your pleasure and our quality is guaranteed.

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