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Twozone accessories are available throughout Australia & internationally from leading specialised retailers.

  • Protective Covers

    The Twozone Protective Cover has been designed and manufactured in response to market demand. The Twozone protective cover has been designed to compliment the existing Engel™ Transit Bag. The cover assists in the insulation process. It’s main function is to protect your investment from any possible scratches or damage and this is acheived with great results.

  • Ezy-Move

    The range of Twozone Ezy- Move products has been developed to ‘save your back’ when placing your Fridge Freezer into position in your 4WD or Camper/Caravan. Instead of having to ‘walk’ your fully laden fridge you simply roll it in.

    You can also easily move your fully laden Engel™ or Waeco Fridge/Freezer around the house or within your caravan/camper or to and from your vehicle or caravan/camper without putting strain on your back.

  • Basket Set

  • Wireless Fridge Thermometer & Clock

    No more fiddly wires to worry about. This great new product has a range of up to 100m clear line of sight.

    The Transmitter unit also has its own display, for people whose fridge doesn’t have a temperature read out. Each unit is coded and once paired will not interfere with other units operating in the same area. You can set up multiple units if you wish. Batteries required are 2 x AAA and 2 x AA.

  • Uni-Hold

    This universal holder is great for holding mobile phones, GPSs, wireless thermometers, MP3s, in fact many things.

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