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The Twozone Protective Cover has been designed and manufactured in response to market demand. The Twozone protective cover has been designed to compliment the existing Engel™ Transit Bag. The cover assists in the insulation process. It’s main function is to protect your investment from any possible scratches or damage and this is achieved with great results.

Due to the Twozone and the Engel™ Covers being produced by different manufacturers, we are unable to make them attach to each other. However they do over-lap by up to 2 inches or 50mm providing excellent protection.

A simple modification is required when using your Twozone and Engel™ covers in conjunction with each other.

Fitting your Protective Cover

1. Flap your Engel™ lid back.

2. With a sharp Stanley knife cut along the top inside edge.

3. Remove the masonite board from the lid. *

4. Roll the lid backward.

5. The hard plastic part of the cover should tuck into the handle of the Engel™ neatly without interfering with the vents of the Engel™. (Older covers may require a small strap to secure the lid into place around the handle.)

6. When not using your Twozone simply unroll the lid and zip it up. Protective cover (PC60) suit TZ60/80

*PC60 - Follow steps 1-3 then tuck the lid between the fridge and cover.

Protective cover PC10
Protective cover PC10 suits
models TZ29/39 & TZ32/40

Protective cover PC60
Protective cover PC60 suits
model TZ60/80

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