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The range of Twozone Ezy-Move products has been developed to ‘save your back’ when placing your Fridge Freezer into position in your 4WD or Camper/Caravan. Instead of having to ‘walk’ your fully laden fridge you simply roll it in.

The EM30 Fits 29 to 40 Litre Engel™ Models

The EM30 has been designed to fit Engel™ fridge/freezers 29L, 32L, 39L and 40L.

The EM60 Fits 60 & 80 Litre Engel™ Models

The EM60 fits all Engel™ fridge/freezers 60L and 80L.

The EMW50 Ezy-Move Fits a Range of Waeco™ Models

The EMW50 fits Waeco™ fridge/freezers 30L, 35L, 40L, 50L, and 60L. It is also a general purpose roller.

Fitting your Ezy-Move with an Engel™ Transit Bag

1. Pull the cover back

2. Fit the Ezy-Move using the instructions on the packaging.

3. Remove the axle and drop the rollers.

4. Pull the cover up tight into place and carefully make 3 small cuts where the axle carriers are.

5. Push the cover over the carriers.

6. Reassemble the Ezy- Move rollers.

7. Away you GO.

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